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Welcome to Denver High-Rise Living!  We are so excited to roll out this website to each of you, who are interested in being a part of this exciting time in Denver, as we watch our skyline change and downtown neighborhoods welcome each of us to a new way of living in our great city.

Denver has changed! It’s no longer just a quick stop destination for sporting events, conventions, and business transactions, Denver now boasts all the amenities expected of a modern lifestyle. World-class restaurants cater to every appetite. Art and music venues attract larger audiences than ever before. High-end shops showcase the latest designs. Public parks dot the landscape. Bike and car share programs provide alternatives to public transportation. These changes have made Denver a vibrant city in which to live.  People from all walks of life are drawn to this enhanced living experience and now call Denver home.

I’ve lived in Denver for 27 years.  Back when the Tabor Center was a mall, remember that?  Before Coors Field and Pepsi Center existed, when McNichols Arena hosted concerts and sporting events and when Mile High Stadium was the real name of the Broncos’ home.  Thank goodness their new, temporary name, is now Broncos Stadium at Mile High!  Regardless of who owns the naming rights, I will always refer to it as Mile High Stadium.

Remember when you could drive from far north Denver (120th Ave) to the Tech Center, any time of the day, without stopping, and in 30 minutes or less?!  Of course, that isn’t’ the case today.  Traffic has become more challenging for commuters each year.  But Denver has responded!  The city has now become a vibrant place to work, play and LIVE.   We have new grocery stores (with free delivery!), car and bike share programs, pet care services, a fantastic college campus at Metro, many thriving companies who found their homes in this wonderful city, the A line that takes us from Union Station to the airport….

It is said we are approximately 30,000 condo units behind where we should be as a city with the infrastructure we now have. In May, 2017, the builder defect laws shifted, slightly, but enough to remove some of the condo building fears many had.  We still have work to do, in that regard, but developers feel better than ever, they have heard the demands and are delivering some incredible home options to us, in neighborhoods such as LoHi, RiNo, LoDo, Ballpark, Cherry Creek North, Riverfront, Uptown, SoBo….

Sure, there are tons of apartments for rent downtown, in these neighborhoods, and that is a good thing!  Generally, apartments are built differently, with what is called “stick framing.”  Their lifespan isn’t as long and, as you might imagine, the privacy isn’t as peaceful as when you live in a building that has been built with concrete and steel, which most of our condos are.  The demand for condos is here, and the building has begun.  For those who want to take advantage of this early condo buying market, which I often refer to as phase I, purchasing sooner than later makes most sense.  Think about some of our newest developments that have built 200 – 300 homes.  That’s a lot!  But, not very much if we are truly 30,000 units behind.  That’s why I call this a phase I opportunity to buy.

Purchasing a condo is very different than purchasing a single family home.  Our goal is to provide all the information you need to make an informed and confident decision.  We want to educate condominium buyers, investors, brokers, lenders, and developers on anything and everything related to condo living in Denver.  The intention of this part of our web site, the blog, is to bring everyone together, who works or lives in the condo market, by asking questions and publicizing their answers, such as:  lenders – what you should know about borrowing to purchase a condo; developers – why did you choose Denver or a specific neighborhood; attorneys – what should we know about the builder defect laws; residents – what they like and don’t like about living downtown…

Whether you are a current or prospective resident, we seek to connect you with the key resources and individuals needed to make your dreams a reality.   We want to be your one-stop-resource for everything condo, bringing this great city into its next phase, as one community working together!

Warmest Regards,

Lori Greenly

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