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Meet the man behind Denver High-Rise Living’s service standards

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When Lori Greenly, the founder of Denver High-Rise Living, left the banking world to start an education-focused real estate company that concentrates on the Mile High City’s expanding condo market, she wanted the firm to offer a level of service comparable to her favorite building in Denver, The Four Seasons.

That level of service and attention to detail isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone, though. So, she went straight to the source. That red-carpet, white-glove-service approach to selling real estate is now taking shape, and largely in part to Greenly’s decision to hire Brady Cullen, who managed day-to-day operations of the 101 condo residences at the high-end Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences in downtown Denver.

Cullen, Brady

Brady Cullen, broker associate and Director of Sales & Development for Denver High-Rise Living

Cullen, the second team member to join Denver High-Rise Living, recently celebrated his one-year anniversary with the firm. In addition to serving as the firm’s director of sales and development, Cullen also developed the service training program for Denver High-Rise Living’s condo certification course, pulling from his experience at the Four Seasons.

Since his service standards have been implemented, Denver High-Rise Living clients have enjoyed seamless experiences backed by the knowledge and hospitality of its team of condo experts.

“Our customized service model is unlike anything within the real estate industry today,” Cullen said. “With our sole focus being the education and connection of those in the condo industry, we’ve broadened the demographic of individuals who receive our services to include other real estate professionals, our colleagues and industry partners. Providing red carpet, white glove service in an industry with immense liability at stake isn’t always easy, nor is it the norm. We are striving to change that.”

Denver High-Rise Living agents are trained in real estate services the same way the Four Seasons and Ritz Carltons of the world train their staff.  With anticipation at the center of focus, clients receive the education, resources and assistance they need before they even realize they need it.

A unique highlight of the firm is its professional advisory board, made up of area professionals who are experts in the condo industry.  From lending to insurance, to attorneys and architects, clients can be connected with these board members and tap into their expertise.

Most importantly, Denver High-Rise Living agents strive to make genuine relationships with their clients.

“Recognizing our goals are not based on transactions, but rather on building lasting relationships, those who decide to work with us do so because they quickly become part of our everyday lives,” Cullen said.

Denver High-Rise Living clients get much more than just an agent who helps them buy and sell real estate, including breaking news and exclusive content by our research team and dozens of invitations to our one-of-a-kind, tailored events.

“They receive genuinely caring friends and partners for life,” Cullen said. “The real estate and condo specific expertise is really just the cherry on top of what we truly are about.”

Greenly, who was the banker for the private residences at the Four Seasons, met Cullen in 2012 when 86 of the final residences sold in 10 months.

“We were both really busy — I was serving clients on the lending and private wealth side and Brady was helping them, with what seemed like, everything else in their lives,” Greenly said. “From the start, you knew that Brady’s attention to detail was absolutely incredible.”

His clients and residents at the Four Seasons — some of whom have since done real estate deals with him — also recognized those qualities.

“As a concierge, Brady always went above and beyond to make sure that anything I required was done beyond expectations,” said Susan Kiely, another Four Seasons resident, who later used Cullen to sell another condo that she owned.

“I was amazed how he had a handle on what needed to be done to the condo in order to make it more marketable. He completed everything within a month and before we knew it, the condo was under contract. I highly recommend this amazing super star Realtor.”

David and Lisa Mazzocchi said, “At the Four Seasons, Brady was always the consummate, helpful professional. He embraced his role in hospitality and was always extremely pleasant. If he was having a bad day you never knew it.”

Scott Autrey, another Four Seasons resident, added, “He always had a positive attitude and a smile on his face. We truly miss him.”

“Brady’s customer service skills are beyond reproach,” said Randy Lewis, who moved into the Four Seasons in 2012. “He is always friendly and helpful, wanting to do what’s best for his clients.”

As the world shutdown in mid-March due to the COVID-19 virus, Cullen worked diligently with all necessary parties to ensure a listing he had for a downtown condo closed on time and safely for all of those involved. That process, he said, involved over communicating to ensure there were absolutely no unknowns each step of the way.

“This is a great example of our culture, internally and externally, and what brings it all together and matters most,” said Greenly. “Reconnecting with Brady a year ago was one of the best things that has happened for this company.”

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