How this Denver high-rise condo tower responded to COVID-19

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We’ve heard the comments concerning high-rises and the COVID-19 pandemic. These types of condo and apartment towers aren’t the cause of this crisis, but chances are high they’ve contributed to the spread — especially in big cities like New York. The crisis is now spurring conversations about designing pandemic-proof buildings.

At least one tower in Denver, One Lincoln Park, though, has taken a strong response to the crisis in order to slow the spread and make its residents feel more comfortable.

The homeowners association created a COVID-19 Safety Committee made up of eight owners, including four medical professionals, including the current director of health services for Colorado University’s medical school. The committee is rounded out by a lawyer, a mature owner-resident, the Denver Fire Department Battalion Chief and a member of a hospital’s operations group.

We felt it was important to highlight the plan this committee put together for the 32-story, 11-year-old building:

  1. Published notice to all residents calling attention to the recommendations regarding maintaining social distancing, including “single-unit” occupancy in the elevators, keeping 6-feet apart, and minimizing social gatherings in units.
  2. A physical barrier has been placed in front of the concierge desk
  3. Deliveries are kept off the desk.
  4. The gym remains closed at least through April 26.
  5. The pool deck furniture is a very low risk source of contamination because they are all exposed to UV through sunlight, and UV kills the virus.
  6. There are now three hand sanitizing stations, two at the front desk and one in the Owner’s Club.
  7. Volunteer help is available for anyone who should prefer to avoid leaving their unit for any reason.

“Everyone I’ve talked with in the building keeps saying how comfortable and safe they feel during this difficult time,” said Dale Dewitt, a real estate broker and condo expert for Denver High-Rise Living who also lives in the building. “It really is a great example of how to best handle this crisis.”

The design of One Lincoln Park has also made it easier to practice social distancing. Instead of stepping off the elevator to a long hallway filled with units, there are only a few on each floor, making it feel significantly more private.

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