Nine Tips for Downsizing and Getting Settled in Your New Home: Part One

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Downsizing a home can be stressful and daunting if you’re not prepared. Seniors, empty nesters, or those moving from a suburban home to a city apartment all encounter the task of constructing a new living space with limited room for furniture, accessories, clothes, and collectibles.

In its simplicity, the key to downsizing is to rid your life of unnecessary belongings while keeping the things you do need. It sounds pretty simple, but for most people, it is not.

In this four-part series, we will share what we have learned from assisting a multitude of homeowners downsize and successfully acclimate to their new home. By incorporating our nine steps into your downsize plan, you can create a happy and tasteful environment made for daily living.

TIP 1: Plan and Measure

Measure your furniture and your new space before moving anything. Look at the floor plan to get an idea of where you will place your furniture. If you find it difficult to calculate the space needed on paper, you can walk the area with a tape measure, and even use blue painters tape, to mark off the space required for your tables, chairs, and sofas.

You may realize that some of your furniture is too large and overpowers the space or that you cannot fit the side table in the bedroom or the loveseat in the family room. You want to make these types of decisions before you move, as you do not want to pay to haul things you will not use.

TIP 2: Determine Your Lifestyle Needs

Homeowners often use the opportunity of downsizing to recreate their design style. As a matchmaker for clients and interior designers, I find this happens especially with empty nesters who are tired of having a “family home.” They desire a more sophisticated look, which is typically a cleaner and more modern look.

Take the time to think about your new life in your new home, as you may realize that there are things you no longer need (like gardening equipment) and other stuff you will need that you didn’t before.

If you are preparing to be an empty nester, and this is your forever home, then you may want to implement some “Aging in Place” techniques into your new home.

Ask yourself some questions and spend a little time thinking about the lifestyle you want to embrace as you move forward.

Hiring a professional to guide you through this process and to help create and implement the vision for your new home will make the transition more enjoyable. Contact Marina Dagenais at or 303.916.9515 to schedule your free consultation today!

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