About Us

When we set out to create Denver High-Rise Living our mission was simple…to help people. Over our years of growth, we have managed to do just that while also creating a strong and meaningful company culture revolving around authentic relationships, proactive work ethics, and positivity.

our mission

Denver High-Rise Living


Our goal is to help educate and connect Colorado residents, developers, investors, businesses and home buyers, on everything that has anything to do with condo living in Denver.

Denver High-Rise Living


Denver High-Rise Living is the leading authority for comprehensive information and current news about Denver’s expanding condo market. We educate and connect buyers, investors, brokers, service providers, and developers to facilitate a more collaborative and transparent environment for all those navigating Denver’s evolving skyline


Denver High-Rise Living


We believe in providing excellence and that starts with us. We take pride in our expertise and make sure that when clients choose to work with us they are working with a company that will go above and beyond to meet their needs. Knowledge is a strong tool and with our extensive training programs provided to our agents, mixed with the DHRL culture we deliver a client experience exceeding that of industry competition.

Denver High-Rise Living


We believe how we ACT with one another, how we ACT with our community partners and how we ACT with you is the key to our success. We believe in a culture of

A  C  T




Our service standard is to deliver a white glove, red carpet experience. We want to ensure the condo buying and selling process goes beyond the transaction itself so we can grow with you, long after we have found your perfect condo, as your urban living advisors and partners.



Denver High-Rise Living


  • Be humble and servant minded to all clients, internal and external
  • Be forward thinking, answering questions for clients before they even know they want to ask it…be proactive
  • Under-Promise and Over-Deliver
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate
  • Build strong relationships and clients for life
  • Be empowered to create unique, memorable, positive and personal experiences
  • Be a business owners, creators and innovators in all we do…an entrepreneur
  • Be available, responsive and present
  • Be committed to conducting business in a matter that complies with applicable laws and is consistent with the highest ethical standards
  • Be curious, constantly learning and improving your skill and knowledge…be the expert!

Denver High-Rise Living


Downtown Denver is drastically changing and has become more than a place to enjoy sports, attend conventions and operate businesses.  Besides the changes to Denver’s skyline, the city began providing resources that embraced a lifestyle it hadn’t before. In short time, the best chefs and restaurants in the nation were appearing, the arts were expanding, shopping and grocery stores added a necessary piece that had been missing, car share and bike share programs, along with Lyft and Uber, added to the conveniences.  Developers started building condominiums again and it soon became a vibrant city to live in, providing a living experience never before offered in Denver. We saw it grow from start to finish and now have the exciting chance to share this vibrant new city with you!


Meet the Team

Lori Greenly


In December of 2017, Lori Greenly retired from a twenty-five year career in banking to launch Denver High-Rise Living. After spending the last fifteen years in private wealth management, Lori, and the financial institutions she represented, became heavily involved in the Denver condominium market. 

Using a combination of her investment and finance background along with her real estate license and expertise, Denver High-Rise Living founder, Lori, has a vision to carry out her passion to educate others about individual condos and the market as a whole.



Hailey Walsh 


Hailey sincerely cares about her clients and approaches her work with an excitement that is apparent and infectious. She takes a personable and thoughtful approach to learn about the lifestyle her clients hope to create for themselves, their family and even their extended family, matching what she learns with the vibe of a neighborhood, the flow of a home, her clients dream amenities and every detail that will make a house their home.

When Hailey isn’t working,  she enjoys hiking, camping, skiing, yoga, concerts, traveling and spending time with her dog, Melvin. She is a Colorado native who loves all the natural beauty and diversity that living in Denver provides.  

As a lifelong resident, Hailey knows all the neighborhoods inside-out. She has watched the growth and development over the years and always has a finger on the pulse of up- and-coming areas. Hailey’s strengths in relationship-based service give clients peace of mind when guiding them through one of their most important investments and in navigating Denver’s fast-paced market. This, and her servant minded approach to everything she does, is what makes Hailey a perfect fit with the Denver High-Rise Living team.




Sandra Hosker 



Sandra has been in the real estate business for 6+ years and has had a plethora of roles in the industry. She currently owns her own Transaction Coordinating business and strives to help agents stay organized and efficient when navigating their deals at hand. 

Sandra enjoys helping everyone she comes into contact with and hopes that the amount of energy she pours into her work makes her clients feel that she has their back and truly keeps their best interests in mind.  

Sandra’s goal is to make an impact on the lives of the people she works with and believes that what she is doing will will one day be bigger than she can even imagine! She has the vision, organization skills and loyalty that will simplify the transaction process and make Real Estate that much easier for her clients.