Developer gives short-term spot to Denver woman who found herself with big parking problem

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The good news is, Carrie Daniels has a parking spot for the time being.

KDVR, Denver’s Fox affiliate, reported this week that Daniels found herself in a bit of a peculiar parking situation. Last month, she purchased the only condo unit at Observatory Flats — a new condominium development near the University of Denver — that she knowingly understood didn’t include a parking spot. Because of that, she got a great deal on a condo in a highly-desirable part of town. (We know, because we checked out the deed!)

Her plan, according to the story, was to just park her car on the street by obtaining a parking permit for her neighborhood. The city, however, denied her request.

Daniels was told by the city that because the building was new construction and featured more than eight units, she couldn’t obtain a permit. The city recommended she look into ride-share and public transit options instead.

We reached out to the developer of Observatory Flats, Dublin Developments, who told us that they’re currently renting her a space in the building until the final units sell. It’s a great short-term solution and hopefully Daniels is able to eventually find long-term parking.

This story reminds us how important it is to work with a broker who understands the intricacies of condos — especially parking. It’s rare for a unit to not come with parking, but a Realtor should have double-checked with the city to fully determine what was available in terms of on-street parking.

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