Denver High-Rise Living Has Joined the Lower Downtown Neighborhood Association!

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The founder of Denver High-Rise Living, Lori Greenly, has accepted a board position with the Lower Downtown Neighborhood Association.  A beautiful collaboration that will serve the residents of Denver by preserving and enhancing the quality of life through community-building, philanthropy, advocacy, and partnership.

“We are honored to be part of this fantastic organization, it’s the perfect marriage for us.  We are a real estate group that focuses solely on the downtown Denver market and its homeowners.  It’s our job to keep our finger on the pulse of what’s important to the residents as we help them sell and purchase new homes downtown.  Being in-the-know when it comes to legislative concerns, changes to neighborhoods, market trends (which differ greatly from outer lying areas), and each great building in downtown Denver is important and we have this information, but partnering with an origination like LoDoNA helps us to be involved at a more personal level, with a hands on approach to taking care of our wonderful city and its residents.  It’s not just about me joining the board, the whole team is extremely excited to take part from committees to volunteer work.”

– Lori Greenly, Founder of Denver High-Rise Living

Denver High-Rise Living is proud to partner with local condo experts to ensure our clients have all of the information needed to make educated decisions during the condo purchasing and sales process.  Please contact us with questions so we can assist you and connect you to one of our partners.  We’d be honored to represent you in the process as well!

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