Want a say in the future of Denver’s housing developments? We want to hear from you!

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We are on a mission to help Denver’s skyline grow responsibly.

And we need your help.

Yes, Denver High-Rise Living’s business revenue comes from helping clients buy and sell real estate, but one of our top priorities is helping everyone better understand and navigate Denver’s condo market. When we say everyone, that means our clients, other real estate brokers, investors, and the big one: Developers.

Through our research and outreach, we help guide developers toward what types of housing projects they should pursue and which neighborhoods they should build in. Up until this point, we’ve used hard numbers to show them the lack of supply that’s causing prices to increase downtown and in other Denver neighborhoods. Our research shows that Denver is behind current condo demand by 18,000 units. Denver’s population isn’t slowing down, so if we fail to meet that demand, prices are only going to increase, making it even more difficult to buy anywhere near downtown.

Now, we want to take things to the next level and really find out what Denverites want in condos and high-rises. That’s where you come in.

We’re organizing a series of town halls and focus groups in order to learn more about what’s most appealing about downtown condo living for Denver residents. What are your favorite types of residential designs? What locations are your favorite? How important are amenities? If they’re very important, what types of amenities do you need?

And then we want to ask bigger questions, like, “Why do you love living in Denver?” And “Why did you decide to live here?” What are your biggest concerns about downtown Denver? Do you see Denver as your forever city? Why or why not? These are invaluable questions to developers who have the Mile High City circled on their list of cities build in.

So, who are we looking for? A wide range of people, from current downtown condo owners to transplants who have only been renting in the city for less than a year, and everyone in between. We want a diverse panel of all ages so that we can truly understand everyone’s wants and needs. We will organize everything we learn and present it to developers at one of our future developer roundtable events.

Obviously, the COVID-19 crisis is impacting our plans for an in-person town hall where we can talk to everyone face-to-face, but we plan to embrace technology for our first one and host virtually. We are still finalizing a date and time, but want to gauge who’s interested in participating. If you want to have a say in what’s developed in Denver, sign up today and we will be in touch soon!

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