Meet Dale Dewitt

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By: Mackenzie Masson

This week we would like to take a moment to introduce you to a very special person on the Denver High-Rise Living Team.Originally from Atlantic City, NJ, Dewitt began her 39-year sales career at Xerox Corp in Philadelphia. After buying her first condo in Philadelphia in at age 28, she quickly realized the significance behind the word “leverage”, which would ultimately spark her interest and passion in real estate.She quickly learned the power of real estate to provide additional income and build wealth.Using the equity from her first condo, she purchased another, and then another, and then another. At one point she owned 10 condos in Downtown Philadelphia around Rittenhouse Square.

When Dewitt married her husband 8 years ago, she made the decision to relocate to Denver with him.“No way was he moving to Philadelphia,” Dewit laughed.Dewitt and her husband found themselves looking for a home in lieu of a condo as they needed a mother-in-law suite at the time, but they found a condo in Downtown Denver that they absolutely fell in love with. Given their circumstances and family needs, they had to forgo the condo as their primary residence, but they still bought it to use as a rental property knowing that one day, they would move Downtown. After finding her lender in Denver, UMB Bank, Dewitt used a 1031 condo exchange to acquire new rental properties in Denver.

Dewitt retired from her 39-year career at Xerox in 2015. In 2018, she and her husband moved into the condo they purchased after renting it out for 8 years. Her mantra is “Have your tenants pay down your mortgage”. It is this very knowledge and experience Dewitt now wants to share with her friends, family, and clients. You want to buy in an area that matches your interests,” Dewitt said. “I want to help people understand you can downsize, find healthy change and a new lifestyle. DeWitt and her husband are enjoying their new condo community, meeting new friends, and being able to walk to Uptown, LODO and RINO.

Despite having been in Denver for 12 years now and personally investing in the Denver condo market, Dewitt only just acquired her real estate license in September of 2019. Since obtaining her license, Dewitt has helped several friends to sell their current home, downsize into a condo and experience a healthy lifestyle change. DeWitt says it is so important to sit down with people looking to make a change and ask the questions; “When you walk out your door, what is important to you? What do you like to do?” Dewitt always likes to take them around the neighborhood, so they envision a new front yard.

Dewitt has been with Denver High Rise Living nine months and only continues to grow her roots in the Denver community and condo market while helping family and friends contemplate a change in lifestyle and find all that they love in a new front yard.

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