10 Fun Facts About Denver’s History

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Denver is a hugely diverse city that has a ton to offer. From a great music scene, to delicious food, amazing outdoor activities and awesome nightlife, Denver really has something for everyone. Because of this, it’s no wonder Denver has always been able to hold its own in the world of beautiful and popular places to visit. Recently however, it has turned from a fun place to visit, to one of the most popular places to settle down in America! Sure, some of this probably has to do with the legalization of marijuana, but more and more often you hear it’s simply because of the culture. A culture built by over a century of unique and exciting Denver history!

With that, I’m incredibly excited to introduce OnDenver.com’s new History column! Here we will explore all the awesomeness that is Denver. From cool facts surrounding it’s founding, to the birth of some amazing Denver bands, artist and food, and of course the most popular haunted spots in town, we will cover it all!

To get us started though, here’s a list of 10 fun Denver facts you probably didn’t know.

  1. The location of Denver was a surprise to most when it was first founded. Why? Because it wasn’t built on any main roads, near any railroads and there were no lakes or large natural bodies of water near by. Basically, Denver isn’t located next to anything that would normally have made it a good place to settle. Expect of course, for the fact that the Platte River was suspected of carrying gold.

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